Bra Band Problems and How to Solve Them

Bra Band Problems and How to Solve Them

While the cups are mostly what we see and think of when it comes to bras and bra fitting, the key to a comfortable fit starts with the BAND. 

Why? Your cup size is directly correlated to the band size (so "I'm a 'C' cup" means absolutely nothing!)  and 80% of the support from your bra comes from the band itself. Learn all about how to fix your bra cup troubles next.

We cannot stress how important a well-fitting, snug bra band is for you. Out of everyone who comes into our store, the bra band is usually the number one issue that causes everything else in the bra to feel uncomfortable. We also understand that sometimes, you just can't wear it snug... which is okay! Your ideal bra is the one that is most comfortable for YOU.

Take a look at the most common bra fit issues we see that can be solved by changing your bra band:


Bra Band Riding Up

Bra Band Riding Up

If you're on the tightest setting and your bra still rides up in the back, you either need to go down a band size or your bra has stretched over time and you just need a new bra!

A back band that is too large will ride up your back and sit too high up. Why? The weight of your breasts are pulling down on the cups and straps, forcing the back band to ride up. This is why it can still feel tight, while in reality, you need to go down a band size!

Bra Band too Tight

Bra Band Too Tight

80% of your support comes from the band, so it needs to be comfortably snug. You will feel it holding, but it should not be so tight that it is uncomfortable or painful.

As a guideline, you should be able to comfortably run two fingers under both sides of the bra at the same time. If you have trouble getting your fingers under the band, it is too tight!

 To give yourself some breathing room, put on a bra back extender, or consider a new bra with a wider band size.

Bra Rides Up

Bra Rides Up

You know the feeling. Your bra felt great when you put it on this morning, but by now your breasts are falling out the bottom. Your bra band is too loose. To check, lift your arms above your head. If the band moves up your sides or back, or if your breast tissue starts to come out from below the underwires or band, it’s too big.

If your bra is simply worn out, the solution is a new bra with a fresh, firm elastics. If your bra isn't worn out, consider trying a smaller band size combined with a larger cup size to keep your breasts supported in the cups

Bra Band

A Note on "Back Fat"

Many women have a preoccupation with their "Back Fat", so we'd like to set the record straight on this phenomenon. As we age, our skin can become softer, even fluffier. Plus, breast tissue often extends under our arms and toward our backs. This is normal!

Most women think that this is caused by a too-tight bra band, but the opposite is actually true. When the band is too large, it will ride up on the soft tissue of your back, pushing it up and creating bulges and rolls.

Solution: The smallest part of your back is where the rib cage narrows. That is where the band should rest. Lengthen those bra straps and tighten the band. This will help to smooth you. If you prefer extra coverage, try a bra with wide side and back panels.

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