Collection: Aubade

With a name derived from medieval courtly love poetry, Aubade reimagined lingerie as a ‘weapon of seduction’ and its provocative advertising campaigns have come to define the iconic French brand.

Aubade descended from an innovative French corset business founded in 1875 by Dr Bernard to meet the growing demand for lingerie among French women. The business flourished by incorporating the latest innovations in corset design and manufacture. By the 1950s, social changes were allowing women to cast aside their cumbersome corsets and girdles and Claude Pasquier, whose family now owned the business, launched the new Aubade brand.

Today the corsets are gone but the innovative spirit lives on. Aubade helped transform lingerie from functional to fashion. It was the first brand to make matching coloured sets, strapless and halter bras, and the tanga. In the 21st century the brand has expanded its range with its own line of swimwear and launched its mischievous, erotic ‘Boîtes à Désir’ and its men’s range of Aubademen boxers.