Get More out of Your Bras

Get More out of Your Bras

If you're not caring for them well, that will shorten their lifespan.. and you don’t want that! 

Because most bras don’t run cheap and they aren’t made to last forever, you want to make sure you’re properly caring for them to get the most out of those bands and straps. So here’s how to give your bras the longest lifespan possible.

Multiple bras stacked on eachother

Invest in a Proper Roster of Bras:

We spend on average 12 hours a day and 4,368 hours a year wearing a bra and yet we give it so little thought. Think of all the items in your closet you invested in and don’t wear remotely as often.

If you wear the same bra every day, it's going to get worn out quicker, so you’ll want to space out your wears.  Resting your bras is a real thing: you wear a bra two days in a row, the elastic doesn’t have enough time to return to its natural position and will wear out more quickly. This is why it's important to have a few favourites ready to wear when you get dressed. 

Only have one of your fave bras? Get another and rotate each and every day!


Bras being washed in a sink

Wash Your Bras

It’s best to wash your bras every 2-3 wears to clean them of skin cells, sweat, and other oils your body produces that can break down the fabric and elastics.

In between wearings, be sure to air it out on a hanger or chair before storing it away or re-wearing it, since dark hampers and drawers are breeding grounds for bacteria. Yuck! Not washing frequently enough can lead to stains and persistent odors on the bra — as well as skin irritation, rashes or local skin infections from yeast or bacteria.

Learn more about washing your bras here.


A woman gets a bra fitting

Know When to Replace

All bras, even the premium-quality ones you've splurged on, will die eventually. There is no exact lifespan prediction, because how you care for them and how often you wear each bra will determine how long it’ll last. But there are warning signs to know when your bra has kicked the bucket.

  • Are the colors faded? Rips and holes?
  • Are the straps stretched out?
  • Is it chafing you or causing pain?
  • Is the band stretched out?
  • Does the bra ride up?
If you answered yes to any of those, it’s time to say farewell and visit Esprit de la Femme for something new!
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