Washing your Bras

Washing your Bras

Bras are the hardest-working garments in your wardrobe, so you're not just going to throw them in the wash with your towels, right? Bras are pieces of carefully designed textile technology and to do their job supporting your bust, so they need more TLC than your regular laundry. 

We want you to get the most out of your bras, meaning hand-washing your bras every 2 to 3 wears (being sure to give them a day's rest in-between.) 


Soak Wash next to a basin with a bra in it

Washing by Hand

We promise that taking hand-washing your bras is worth the effort, since you've spent valuable time in the fitting room selecting it, and your hard-earned cash to purchase it -- not to mention your bra is literally close to your heart. 

Trust us: hand washing your delicates isn't as much of a hassle as it sounds! 

  1. Fill a clean sink or basin with cool water and submerge the bras. Don't wash lights with darks, as to avoid any dyes from bleeding into eachother.
  2. Add a small squeeze of Soak Wash and gently squish the foamy water into your foam and fabrics. Since it's so concentrated, a little goes a long way.
  3. Walk away and let them enjoy their bubble bath for 20-30 minutes (though a longer soak isn't harmful.)
  4. Drain the water and gently rinse with clear water.
  5. Pat most of the water our with a towel and allow your clean bras to air dry.


Ordinary detergents break fibers in your pretty lacy undergarments and destroy the elasticity in the band, so use a soap that's specially formulated for delicates. At Esprit de la Femme, we recommend Soak for its ease of use and a million other reasons, including:

  • Naturally derived ingredients are skin and fabric friendly.
  • Light and fresh scents which makes hand washing more fun... seriously! If you’re not a fan of fragrances, there's a scentless option.
  • It’s highly concentrated, which means a bottle lasts a long time. 
  • Soak is a “no rinse”, low suds formula meaning when you don’t need to wring and rinse forever. We do generally suggest rinsing lingerie and undies, but even if you didn’t, Soak doesn’t leave any residue.
  • Soak is proudly made in Canada!

 You can use Soak for more than just bras, it's perfect for cleaning all of your special garments such as knit sweaters, swimwear, hosiery, blouses, wool and cashmere, and more!


Machine Washing your Bras

While we stand by washing your bras by hand so that they last longer and maintain their shape, there will be some of you who insist on washing your bras in the washing machine. So if you are certain you want to go this route, heed this advice:

  1. Fasten the hooks on the bras so they don't snag on itself or anything else.
  2. Place in a mesh bag and fasten it closed.
  3. Select the “gentle” or “delicate” cycle* on your washing machine and ensure the temperature is set to cold.
  4. Careful what you wash with your bra. Pair similar things together and avoid washing with heavy items like jeans or bath towels.
  5. Soak wash can be used in front-loading machines. (Remember that regular detergents can damage your bras!)
  6. Once washed, remove from machine and hang them over a rack by the center (not the straps or band) and let them air dry

A Note about Dryers: Dryers are a death trap for your bras, and are a guaranteed way to destroy them. Yes, even on low heat, dryers can warp the underwire in bras and damage the elastic in bands. 

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