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Aubade Hong Wai Encre De Chine Triangle Plunge Bra

Aubade Hong Wai Encre De Chine Triangle Plunge Bra

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As if Aubade's lingerie wasn’t already a work of art, the label has teamed up with Chinese artist Hong Wai to take things one step further with the Encre de Chine collection. Inspired by traditional Chinese ink painting, intricate floral embroidery tops the cups of this bra. A decorative removable lace strap gives it a graphic apex look.

Renowned for her Chinese ink paintings and calligraphy, using time-honoured Chinese traditions, Hong Wai breathes new life into lingerie, thanks to her attention to detail and technical flair. Wonderfully voluptuous, the power and vitality of her female forms are almost tangible thanks to the movement and dexterity of the artist’s brushstrokes.

Given free rein to create a floral motif, Hong Wai’s designs were then translated into the embroidery and lace which take centre stage in the ‘Encre de Chine’ (Chinese Ink) line.

In this way, Hong Wai offers her own interpretation of sensuality and introduces her Chinese heritage to Aubade’s iconic DNA.

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