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Australian Gold Almost Famous Sample (0.5 oz)

Australian Gold Almost Famous Sample (0.5 oz)

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Get red carpet ready with this Darkest Triple Bronzer that gives immediate colour gratification and deeper, delayed bronzed perfection. All eyes will be on you as the Ultra-Toning Blend helps tone for a stunning and vibrant silhouette, while the Conditioning Complex guards against free radicals revealing a youthful complexion.

Essential Moisturizers ensure that dark colour lasts well into the after-party by sealing in moisture for undeniably soft skin. With colour like that you are well on your way to being Almost Famous™!

  • Darkest Triple Bronzer: DHA, Beta Carotene and Caramel flawlessly combine for instant and delayed, developed colour.
  • Ultra-Toning Blend: Caffeine and Ginseng Extract combine to help tone and brighten for a vibrant, glowing complexion.
  • Conditioning Complex: Hemp Seed Oil and Vitamin A work together to help protect and strengthen the skin for a radiant, youthful appearance.
  • Essential Moisturizers: Triple Oil Blend provides a luxurious feel to the skin while helping retain moisture for longer-lasting colour.
  • Feel refreshed with this Honeybush Tea fragrance.
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