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Chantelle Festivité Lace Plunge Contour Bra

Chantelle Festivité Lace Plunge Contour Bra

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A seductive plunging center and flat lace overlay on the cups make the Festivité Lace Plunge Contour Bra easy to wear under any outfit or neckline.

Lightly lined underwire cups add lift to your natural shape

Cups plunge very low in the center to create a deep V neckline that complements low-cut tops

Fully adjustable straps

Designed in France

Tips from our Fit Experts
"I love this plunge option for most of my customers--even those that are a little more full busted! The stretch lace helps to contain and the light contour provides a sexy cleavage effect with no added bulk."

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Bev McCormick

This is a beautiful bra, but I am really not pleased with the fit. I should not have purchased a plunge bra. I need to adjust the fit several times through out the day, I am overflowing in the the front, uncomfortably, enough to show under a sweater or tee shirt.