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Lise Charmel Deesse En Glam Tulip Cup Bra

Lise Charmel Deesse En Glam Tulip Cup Bra

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The glamorous underwired triangle bra Déesse en Glam from the Lise Charmel brand offers a cut and worked straps that highlight the plunging neckline. The cups refocus the chest by gently raising it for a round and sensual curve.

71% Polyamide, 17% Polyester, 12% Elastane

Déesse en Glam is a new collection proposed by the brand Lise Charmel, a line under a taste of luxury with its spectacular embroidery that catches the eye. It is through the association of intertwining flowers and scrolls that this collection inks its glamorous style. Details come to magnify this elegant look with embroidered pearls and tiaras.

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