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Corin Virginia Spacer Bra

Corin Virginia Spacer Bra

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The Spacer Virginia bra model 17871 is a new generation of bras - an ultra-light bra made of three-dimensional Spacer material. The innovative bra has a thermally formed cup, which consists of three layers of textile surfaces. There is a three-dimensional soft foam between the fabric layers. The bowl made in modern technology is not only breathable and allows the skin to breathe, but also drains water and moisture. The bra becomes imperceptible and adapts perfectly to the shape of the breast, it is light, has excellent support properties and is pleasant to the touch. Thanks to the smooth surface of the cups, the underwear does not stand out under the clothes. The classic Virginia model is an excellent proposition for women who value minimalism and comfort of use. It is beauty in simplicity.

  • Non-detachable, adjustable straps, with a width adjusted to the size - the larger the cup, the wider the strap is.
  • Clasp with three-stage adjustment. Clasps have two or three rows of hooks, smaller sizes have clasps for two rows of hooks, larger sizes have three rows.
  • Virginia is the perfect everyday bra that has already been loved by many women around the world.

Composition: 72% polyamide, 16% elastane, 12% polyester.

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