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Lace Embrace Edwardian Underbust Corset

Lace Embrace Edwardian Underbust Corset

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A best seller for many reasons; a delightfully comfortable hourglass corset that makes you feel incredible! As you get laced into this corset, you begin to notice your lower back pain melt away as it lengthens and straightens your spine, you feel taller and comfortably hugged. As you turn to look at yourself in the mirror, you are amazed at the transformation – a beautifully sculpted waist with a noticeable difference to the part of your body you hate the most – the stomach bulge that is such a struggle to hide; yet, here you are, in this amazing long hip corset that has instantly removed years of the abdominal bulge by magically lifting and flattening your lower stomach while hugging your hips to give you such graceful curves. You look taller, you feel taller, your bust is lifted, your back is pain-free and you can’t believe your eyes – who is that Goddess in the mirror looking back at me!? 

The Edwardian curves upward at the back, giving a smooth silhouette and offering excellent back support. Many years have gone into the refining of this pattern, with the busk length ranging from 11-14” depending on your chosen size. Shaped by 14 spring steel bones, this corset should last a lifetime if properly cared for.

Best suited for figures 5’4”-5’10” due to its length. Short-waisted clients may prefer our popular Cincher corset.

  • All Lace Embrace corsets are made in Vancouver, Canada. They take inspiration from antique corset patterns, which are integral for comfort, fit, and function.
  • All high-quality materials are imported from France, the UK, and Japan.
  • Never outsourced using cheap labor, unlike almost all corset manufacturers from China and India. Employees are paid fairly for their work. This is not fast fashion.
  • These corsets actually support your body, are made to give comfortable waist reduction, and are medical grade.
  • Will last a lifetime if you care for it appropriately.
  • All flexible spring steel boning, which was used in the late Victorian era, to sculpt and support your curves comfortably.
  • Can be used for everyday wear as a brace.
  • Our garments don’t give the “sausage casing” effect like cheaper corsets. They work well with plus-size bodies and certain styles focus on tummy control and concealing.
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