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Market of Stars Love Story Starduster

Market of Stars Love Story Starduster

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When we stumbled across a hand-drawn and coloured “puzzle purse” love letter that was over 200 years old, we were astonished by its romantic beauty. Made of paper, painstakingly decorated, and containing heartfelt declarations of love, it was carefully folded in to a pinwheel and had somehow managed to survive the last two centuries almost completely intact. Using all parts of the love letter, we carefully designed a captivating and pretty patchwork pattern, then trimmed it with pieces of the original poetry reconstructed from the author’s charming handwritten script. It reads:

My heart is true to none but you
My heart I hope you will pursue
The roses and the lilies twine
Since you became my Valentine
Round is my ring and has no end
So is my love unto my friend

We trimmed this starduster with another piece of the original poem:

I’ve pictured here, your heart and mine.

There is something so special about wearing a piece of art that was created purely out of love :)

100% bamboo/wood viscose. Machine wash gentle or handwash and hang to dry.

Kimono meaurements: length 92cm, width 110cm. Model is 5’5” for reference.


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